Second Class

English Wolves, Trains and Dolphins  –

2nd Class Pupil’s Book

My Spelling Workbook C

Handwriting Today Book C

Gill Education






€ 6.99

€ 6.99

Gaeilge Bua na Cainte 2 Edco €11.75
Maths Busy at Maths 2

Maths Challenge 2

Retain table book from last year

C. J. Fallon



€  7.10


The following books are supplied by the Book Rental Scheme, free of charge, for every child in 2nd class:

Oxford Children’s Dictionary (Irish Edition)           C. J. Fallon                     BRS

History Quest 2                                  C. J. Fallon                          BRS

Geography Quest 2                                        C. J. Fallon                      BRS

Science Quest 2 C. J. Fallon BRS

Fallon’s Oxford Practical Atlas (will be used up to 6th Class) BRS