Hi everyone

Welcome to the first ever Virtual Sports Day in DPETNS. We hope you have a great week and enjoy all the activities outlined. Please feel free to include any of your own activities. We have attached a daily planner and it would be a great idea for families to fill this in to keep you motivated for the week. Family-Blank-daily-record

We have attached some ideas you can use for equipment and would encourage you to play music as much as possible as you try the activities. Shopping-lists-_-equipment-lists

The main objective  is to get active and have fun!!

  • Everyday we will focus on a new skill and give you a daily challenge.
  • When you click on the day you will find all the activities and videos you will need for the day ahead.
  • As an added incentive we will be awarding medals for the  daily challenges so don’t forget to send videos/pictures of them into our project email  From each challenge there will be one medal for a Junior or Senior Infant child, one for a child in 1st/2nd or 3rd Class and one for a child in 4th/5th or 6th Class. Maeve will announce the winners at her next assembly. Best of luck!


Here’s a short video to get you motivated and moving: