SKILL: Running

Challenge: Long/High Jump


Good morning everybody.

Today your skill is Running.  Below is all the information you need.


·        Activity 1 is aimed at Junior/ Senior Infants and 1st Class

·        Activity 2 is aimed at 2nd/3rd / 4th class

·        Activity 3 is aimed at 5th and 6th class.


Older children can definitely try all activities especially if you are working as a family.  Remember you can change each activity to make it easier or more difficult.  We know you mightn’t have all the equipment, try use what you have to fit the activity. Don’t forget to fill in your 2 stars and a wish page about how you got on!

ALSO, your traditional sport activity today is Sack Race!!



Challenge Video: 

Link to Running skill activities: 

2 Stars and a wish: