Gymnastic Sequence with Roll

Happy Thursday everyone! We hope you are enjoying Sports Week so far, all the videos we have received are brilliant!

Thursday‘s skill is ….. BALANCING!

All today’s information is below.

  • Each of the activities is aimed at different class groups.

Activity 1: Junior Infants – 1st class

Activity 2: 2nd Class – 4th Class

Activity 3: 5th and 6th class

  • Older students should be able to attempt all the activities when working as a family.
  • Younger students could challenge themselves with the more challenging activities too if working as a group.
  • Remember to make use of your environment and the equipment available to you.
  • Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and to fill out your ‘2 Stars and a Wish’ page about how you got on.


Today’s traditional sport activity is the EGG AND SPOON race. Grab those spoons and see who has egg-cellent balancing skills.


Don’t forget to try out the DAILY CHALLENGE video too.


Daily Challenge:

Link to Balancing Activities

2 Stars and a Wish: Balancing