The Book Rental Scheme (BRS) is available to children in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class. It was introduced in 2014 to help parents significantly reduce the cost of their booklist bill. Last year the take up was 97.4% with very positive feedback. For €25 per child, books are sourced, covered, catalogued and placed in the classroom, ready for use in September. For children in 2nd class the BRS supplies their English Dictionary, Atlas, History, Geography and Science books free of charge. Parents in this year still need to purchase their own textbooks, so their children can continue to write in their books. From 3rd – 6th, the BRS books are the property of the school and there is no writing in these books. We’d like to thank the children for their continuing good upkeep of these books so that they can be used from year to year. Further information is available on the school’s website under the section for parents.

Book Lists 2022/23