Healthy Eating

In DPETNS we encourage all children to bring healthy lunches to school. The children eat twice a day. Children may drink water only throughout the school day. To date, we have had wonderful co-operation from parents in implementing our Healthy Eating Policy and we sincerely hope that this will continue. On Friday the children are allowed to bring one small treat to school.

In 2022/23 have offered parents the opportunity to order lunch for their children in the school and have it delivered to their classroom. Please sign up online or download the app if it’s something that suits you.

Please do not give your child any lunch/treat containing nuts as we have a number of children in the school with nut allergies.

In keeping with our Green School Policy, we ask parents to give children re-usable containers for their drinks and lunches and to keep packaging to a minimum. As we no longer have compost facilities in school, we request that children bring home all waste from their lunches.

Here’s a copy of our Healthy Eating Policy