Being on time is an important life skill. Lateness has a detrimental effect on a child’s learning and wellbeing, it also disrupts the other students in a class and wastes teaching/learning time. We record lateness on our computerised roll system and this enables us to track punctuality and attendance on a child’s record. We ask parents to please make every effort to have their children in their lines by 8.45am at the latest and to encourage them to walk into school independently.

Our attendance levels have deteriorated over past few years and this can be partly attributed to parents taking children out of school for holidays in term time. We request that parents do not take their children out of school during term time. There are approximately fifteen weeks holidays built into the primary school calendar and we request that parents schedule family holidays during these breaks rather than in term time. If children miss standardised tests, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate them for testing at a later date.