At DPETNS, we value the positive relationships between teachers and families and respectful communication is the key to maintaining these relationships.

  • Each class teacher hosts an acquaintance meeting with parents/ guardians in September/October.
  • In all classes, the SeeSaw app is used for homework.
  • A note on Aladdin or via email should be used for matters relating to homework, notifications of early dismissal, absences, appointments, a request for a meeting or any minor behavioural issues that you would like to make the teacher aware of. For more confidential issues, a separate note or letter can be sent in with your child.
  • The school communicates with home principally through email but also by textaparent or Home School Links. Urgent messages (e.g. emergency school closures) will be sent by text. If you do not have access to email, please let us know and we will arrange for hard copies to be sent. The school website provides a good deal of information for parents
  • Please note that teachers are not in a position to check or respond to emails during teaching time and, therefore, for matters of urgency, phone the office. Please also bear in mind that evenings and weekends are family time for us all and, as such, emails will generally not be responded to during this time.
  • In the interest of positive home/school relations, we ask that all e-mails are checked for tone and content before pressing the ‘send’ button.
  • Here is our Home School Communications Policy