Drop Off

Parking in DPETNS/Drop Off 


Rules of the Drop Off:

  • Drive to the furthest free space
  • Do not leave excessive space between you and the car in front
  • When the car in front moves on please move forward to make room for more cars
  • Drivers must remain in their cars and keep the engine running
  • Children should never leave or enter the car on the roadside but should get in/out on the path side of the road.
  • Drivers will only move out of the set down area when it is safe do to so and will use indicators in advance of moving.
  • Please ensure that childminders/ grandparents/relatives are all made aware of the parking rules at the school


We ask parents/guardians to drive slowly and carefully when on the school grounds and surrounding area. A large number of our pupils walk to school unaccompanied. The children’s safety is the responsibility of our entire school community. The drop off zone is not operating as well is it could. Please remember that this is a drop off/pick up zone only and there is no parking in this area at any time.

The school gates are locked at 9am sharp and this space then reverts to children’s play space. If you have a morning meeting in the school, please park off site and walk to the school; there is no parking for parents on site. The drop off zone is never open at Infant home time and there is no vehicle access to the school at 1:25pm unless there is a specific physical need (with a permit) which requires parking on the school grounds – this must be arranged in advance via the school office.

The drop off zone opens at 2.20. This area is play space for the children until then. Please do not arrive at the school before 2:20 and please do not start queuing on the Beaverstown Road while waiting for the gates to be opened. This causes serious hazards on the Beaverstown Road for other road users. We regularly take calls in the office complaining about the driving behaviour of our parents. If you arrive at the school before 2:20 we suggest that you have more than enough time to park safely in the DPCC and walk the short distance to the school.

Please do not park on the footpaths in the vicinity of the school – the footpaths around our school must be preserved as safe space for children travelling to and from school. We ask that all parents co -operate with us on the issue of keeping all 430+ of our students safe as they travel to and from school.