Cambodian Partnership

In October 2013 DPETNS established an innovative educational institutional partnership with PEPY. This partnership seeks to enhance the global identity, sense of social justice and cultural awareness of children in the school through meaningful personal connections with youth in Cambodia. It works to enhance the teaching and learning of Learn Together throughout DPETNS and improve the quality of education in PEPY also. Additionally, it has provided an opportunity to empower all students involved to play an active role in global development.

In May 2013 members of BETNS (Balbriggan Educate Together National School) became involved in the partnership while in June 2016 the partnership was joined by Francis Street NS, Dublin. As an Educate Together school, we teach the ethics under the Equality and Justice strand of the Learn Together Curriculum.  It is through this subject that children learn about global citizenship, the sustainable development goals and the partnership with PEPY in Cambodia.

In the last five years, the DPETNS community has raised a tremendous amount of money that has primarily gone to funding scholarships for students to third level education. To date, in excess of €42,000 has been raised and the community is actively fundraising again at the moment. This goes towards supporting the scholarship programme where students of PEPY can complete their degree alongside studying at PEPY.