A step back in time…

In October, 6th Class visited Collins Barracks in Dublin City. The tour began by visiting the Art Exhibition, followed by the War Exhibition and then onto the 1916 Rising Exhibition. They also got to view the Asgard which played a pivotal role in the 1914 Howth gun-running. The day ended with a fun filled visit to Newbridge Playground before returning back to school.

A great day was had by all. Here’s an account from Conor Brady about his historical findings from the tour:

The Collins Barracks was built in 1702. It’s an old British Army barracks named after Michael Collins. He was a revolutionary soldier during The War of Independence. Michael Collins was assassinated in 1922, he was only 31. He was assassinated by the Anti-Treaty Force in Beal na Bláth, Cork.
Collins Barracks was turned into a museum in 1997. The Barracks house historical items including vases, arms, uniforms, tanks, planes and guns. They have English WWl items such as army helmets for different armed forces and many different canons from big to small.
The Barracks also house the Asgard, a 51ft long yacht. It was opened to the public in 2012. It’s also home to the UN vehicles, including a personnel carrier, a De Havilland Vampire jet and a Katuna that was taken from a Japanese general during WWll.