Science Week

This week, Senior Infants were very busy celebrating Science Week. We explored our senses and completed a STEM building challenge.

We looked at our 5 senses and went on a Senses Walkabout around the school to find all the things we could see, hear, smell, touch and, for those still finishing their lunches, taste. We used our senses and found smooth and rough surfaces in the outdoor classroom, we could hear classes on yard and playing G.A.A, we could see the leaves blowing in the wind and we could smell the lovely fresh air.

We also listened to this catchy tune to help use remember our 5 senses.


In our groups, we took part in a STEM building challenge based on the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We listened to a different version of this story where the three little pigs enter a house building competition. But then the wolf judge comes along and tries to blow their houses down. We worked as a team in our groups to build a strong and sturdy house, using Lego, wooden blocks, lollipop sticks, wooden logs and the polydron set. Aimée tested how strong our houses were and tried to blow them down using a hair dryer. They all stayed standing but some houses lost their chimneys or roof.