September Studies!

Blog Post by Aimée’s Sixth Class.

Rosh Hashanah (By Jessica)

In Learn Together, we learned about the Jewish festival Rosh Hashanah. It starts on the 9th of September to the 11th of September. This is a time for Jewish people to reflect on their mistakes and start fresh. The Jewish people pray by the river to get rid of their sins. They also go to a synagogue to pray, and then the Rabbi blows a ram’s horn which is called a Shofar. The Jewish people also eat honey and apples to celebrate a sweet new year. We celebrated with our junior infant buddies by eating apples and honey too.

Global Goals (By Lily)

This September we wrote letters to the UN secretary. We wrote to him about how we learn about the Global Goals and what we think would help the goals. It was so fun learning about formal writing and the goals together, while researching the goals too. The main goal we focused on were No. 10 (Reduced Inequalities) and No. 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). Every class got their own goal to focus on. No. 10 is about making all people and all countries equal. No. 11 is about making sure everyone has a safe and sustainable place to live.



Pilgrimages (By Donncha)

Our class did some work on pilgrimages from different religions this month. We split up into small groups and each group got a different major world religion to research. We prepared a presentation which we then delivered to the class. We told the class what we learned from our research. We all learned about interesting pilgrimages that we had never heard of before.


Dreams (By Isabelle)

We learned all about dreams and goals. We looked at different quotes about dreams too. We watched a video showing us that anything is possible even if you are going through something. We then wrote about our dreams on a sheet and drew pictures of us achieving our dreams.

This was our empowering video:


Sign Language (By Alfie) 

We studied sign language during Learn Together time.  We learnt simple phrases using sign language and how to say our names. We made bookmarks using cut out signs to spell out our names too. It was great fun.

You can learn some basic phrase here too:


Cliff Walk Trip

We also went on our first trip as 6th class. We took a day to walk and explore the cliff side between Donabate and Portrane. We set off from school, stopping for some lunch before beginning the ‘Cliff Walk’. After the walk we stopped beside the beach where we played games and had a trip to the shop. The views were incredible and we spotted examples of erosion and weathering. We also had lots of fun with our friends and the ice-cream was great too!