Space Week

In a school far far away, Space Week began. Space Week will run from Oct 4th to 10th and all classes are very busy exploring the planets and galaxies.

On Tuesday 9th October, 6th Class had a Skype call from NASA. They learnt all about how NASA have been working on the next missions to get people back onto the surface of the moon and were very excited to hear that those astronauts are currently in primary school. They also had the opportunity to ask lots of different questions about space and space travel, e.g. what causes a black hole, when do NASA plan on sending people to Mars and many more.

We also have a planetarium coming in a fortnight which will give students a chance to explore all aspects of space. Every class will be allocated a time slot and it promises to be a very worthwhile experience.

Cormac’s Fourth Class have been very busy investigating the size of the planets in the solar system and their solar rotation. They also looked at how far each planet is from its neighbouring planet. Our junior classes have been learning about the different planets in our solar system through songs too.

Our new STEM board is now on display outside First Class. Be sure to have a look for upcoming events and updates.

Check out the amazing art done in some of our classes.











Space Week ended on a fantastic note with a visit from the Exploration Dome! Each class got the opportunity to explore all aspects of the Earth and space. Some class looked at life under water, while others explored the possibility of life on other planets. It truly was a great experience and we are all looking forward to next year!