Why we should go back to school in May- A debate by Katherine in Patricia’s 5th.

Debate|Why we should go back to school in May

By Katherine

First I will start for the motion. I will be discussing some of the major points, some data I have collected and my own experience.


  • Education
  • All children have the right to an education and development
  • Many Children are struggling to concentrate and achieve goals without the right environment
  • Mental Health
  • For many kids school is a safe and a secure place in which to share their feelings, this is severely affecting mental health
  • A sense of normality is very important and school is a place many children find that
  • Friendships
  • For children who do not have access to phones or computers there is no way to contact friends, who are a big part of both mental health and normality
  • Friends keep your self worth and confidence in yourself
  • Health
  • Many schools in force healthy eating policies ensuring healthy habits, whilst many homes  do not enforce such policies which can leave to bad habits
  • Precautions to be taken
  • Schools will be split into groups of 10 at a time with getting 1/3 of the day per group
  • No outside play or contact
  • Wash hands regularly
  • Stagger numbers of days at a time starting from 2-3 days at the start of the week to a full week ( groups of 10 could be split into differents days)
  • I will now move on to the against side
  • Health
  • As the cases are leveling, exposing many people to each other at once could vastly increase numbers, which in turn make the hospital workers work alot harder
  • All kids have the right to healthcare
  • Education
  • As school is from home many kids have been increasing there interests in certain topics and subjects, with more time for activities and hobbies
  • Family
  • Lots of families have been bonding and spending time together whilst learning new skills
  • Mental Health
  • Many kids sleep cycles are being affected for the better, with no waking up for school in the morning; which has been proven to increase overall health and  mental health
  • With less pressure to be the best in school and infront of friends self confidemce has been soaring
  • As an extra point many people are grateful
  • Enviroment
  • With less people driving the polution levels are dropping
  • And the factorys and planes have not been working so the earth is having time to recover


In Conclusion I think schools should start middle to late may with the precautions I have talked about before and any other necessary precautions but if the numbers increase the lockdown will have to begin again. Colleges should be online for a year or 2. And many children should help around the house when they can.


Thank you for reading, Katherine