Tennis and Beach Day

Yesterday the 6th class walked  to the beach and Donabate Tennis Club. When we got there we all had are lunch around the rocks and we went exploring. Jenny’s class went to play tennis first while Aimée’s class had fun on the beach. Even the teachers and SNAs had a go at the tennis! At the beach Aimée’s class got to put there feet in the water and Jennifer wrote a message in the sand saying Aimée 6th class DPETNS 2019 and we took a photo around it. People went looking for crabs while others play football. After an hour the classes swapped and Aimée’s class went and played tennis. The person who was doing the tennis was named Hugh. After tennis Aimée class went back to the beach and when we got there everyone was in the water so most of us decided to hop into the water too. Some of us soon regretted it, though! The water was baltic!


The entire day was spent having good craic and we were NOT looking forward to the walk home. It didn’t take too long, though, and the chatting about the excitement of the day everyone had just had kept us busy. By the time we got back to the school, everyone’s feet aching and cheeks burnt, it was hometime.