Museum Visits!


On our school trip for December we went to various different locations.

The first exciting place we went to was the National Art Gallery. There we met our lovely tour guide Jennifer. First, we went into a big room with a huge painting that had a dog (Rodney stone) and a portrait of the painters family. Then, we entered a room full of abstract paintings, which included techniques such as cubism. Then we entered a big hallway with a big piece of wooden art. We also went up a gigantic lift used to carry large works of art. There we saw a large portrait of a man called Steven, an art activist. After that we entered a portrait room showcasing various forms of portraits including a USB stick. Finally, we went into a room full of paintings, where we could draw our own preferred paintings.

After that we headed towards the Natural History Museum. In there we saw many creatures such as an eel eating a frog, a basking shark and lots more. Some of our favorites from the bottom floor were the crabs, the bees and the birds. Then we went upstairs and saw huge whale skeletons.

Following our museum visits we headed to the local playground before catching the train back to Donabate. Overall, a great day was had by all!

(By Donncha and Seán)