Being Buoyant!!!

On Monday the 26th of November, we were given the task to design and make a boat. This boat had to float (obviously) and hold “passengers” (coins).These boats had to be in on Monday the following week.

All the boats brought in on Monday  were one of a kind. Some were made of LEGO, others made of styrofoam, and each one had a unique design and features! Luke and Kieran (thank you, by the way)  made a little “pool” for us to put our boats in. The boats went two by two (hurrah, hurrah) and I am glad to say that most of them floated and they were BUOYANT! Some passengers sank to the bottom, unfortunately, but were saved by our lifeguards on duty. So, overall, I’d say it was a pretty good day at sea for us all!


Check out some of our crazy creations below: Being Buoyant Photos