6th Class Climate Action Strike


On February 13th we decided to strike outside the Dail against Climate Action. We decided to strike against Climate Action because we feel the Government aren’t doing enough about it, and a young teenage activist, Greta Thunberg , inspired us to start doing something about Climate Action. As we are the next generation and we are going to be living through the conditions of Climate Action, we are the ones who need to tell adults how important Climate Action is and how things need to start changing fast!

How did we organise the strike and get other people to join us? 

After hearing about Greta Thunberg both classes decided to strike against Climate Action. As part of getting other schools to join us, Jenny’s class made a video about Climate Action and sent it to other schools. We wrote a letter to our principal informing her about the strike and we also wrote a letter to other schools principals asking them if they wanted to join us on the strike. We informed Claire Daily, Darragh O’Brien (a TD), Duncan Stewart and News 2day about our strike and they decided to come join us.

How did we feel about the strike? While we were striking outside the Dail we felt really proud and empowered, knowing that we were part of this generation that have come together to make a difference! Check out out some more of the photographs from the event here:


(By Andrea)