Science Week in First Class

First Class have been busy with lots of fun and experiments during Science Week! We have been exploring how to mix paints using primary colours, to create the other colours of the rainbow for Art. We have also been completing lots of STEM Challenges, investigating and constructing bridges, stadiums, houses and vehicles to name a … Read more

Maths Trail with our Buddies

We celebrated Maths Week with our buddies on Friday! Junior Infants and Sixth Class had a blast exploring the school together and helping each other answer some interesting Maths problems. Working together in groups of four, they identified lots of shapes and colours, counted cars and windows and even did some estimating. Sixth Class were … Read more

6th Class Climate Action Strike

  On February 13th we decided to strike outside the Dail against Climate Action. We decided to strike against Climate Action because we feel the Government aren’t doing enough about it, and a young teenage activist, Greta Thunberg , inspired us to start doing something about Climate Action. As we are the next generation and we … Read more

Belfast Tour

This year our January tour took us all the way up to Belfast. We left school early to spend the day ‘up North’. The bus was very cool and we got to watch a movie. When we reached Belfast we visited The Titanic Museum, where we had a tour and workshop, W5 and, of course, … Read more

Marathon Kids!

  A massive congratulations to all our 6th Class children (and staff) who completed the final mile of the Marathon Kids programme on Wednesday. The classes began their training 8 weeks ago, increasing their running distances as the weeks went on. They had great fun running in the local community in preparation for the final … Read more