To infinity and beyond…

We had a blast exploring to infinity and beyond during Space Week 2019. Every class engaged in various different ways, here’s what a few classes got up to:

Junior Infants explored space and our solar system through stations. They looked at images of the different planets and then recreated the solar system using Play-Doh. They matched planet pictures and listened to The Planets Song, recalling ‘out of this world’ facts. Oh and they even got to colour some fabulous space drawings.

 First Class did the ‘Bubbling Planets’ experiment and everyone loved it. The classes also loved learning about the different names, shapes and sizes of the various planets. Their space studies also inspired them to create their own ‘Starry Night’ art.


Second Class learnt all about our solar system as part of Space Week. They used their newfound knowledge to create amazing solar system art. They used chalk pastels to show the shadows and light of the sun on the planets, how creative!




Fifth Class had a fun filled week of space engaging in a number of activities. They spoke to Sorcha, from Blackrock Observatory, who told them all about constellations and the planets visible in our night sky. They watched some footage from the International Space Station, learning about how the astronauts complete simple tasks like brushing their teething and making dinner. They also made fantastic milky way art.


Sixth Class began their Space Week with a Skype call from Con McCarthy. Con was an engineer with the European Space Agency and was involved in lots of missions, including some of the missions to Mars. The students asked him lots of intriguing questions about his work and achievements. Just like Fifth Class, they watched footage from the International Space Station and observed how astronauts complete their daily tasks aboard the station. They ended their week with some ‘calm time’, where they listened to Commander Terry Virts read from his book ‘View From Above’ about a breathtaking voyage on the International Space Station.