Maths Trail with our Buddies

We celebrated Maths Week with our buddies on Friday! Junior Infants and Sixth Class had a blast exploring the school together and helping each other answer some interesting Maths problems. Working together in groups of four, they identified lots of shapes and colours, counted cars and windows and even did some estimating. Sixth Class were … Read more

To infinity and beyond…

We had a blast exploring to infinity and beyond during Space Week 2019. Every class engaged in various different ways, here’s what a few classes got up to: Junior Infants explored space and our solar system through stations. They looked at images of the different planets and then recreated the solar system using Play-Doh. They … Read more

Space Week

Fifth Class were very busy with Space Week last week. We had a Skype call from Sorcha in Blackrock, Cork, who taught us all about the planets we can see in the night sky. She told us some interesting facts about the constellations and how to identify different ones. It was great fun to watch … Read more

STEM Award

We are delighted to announce that we have received the SFI Award for excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This is a whole school initiative that has taken place over the year with each class level looking at different aspects of STEM. We celebrated Science Week, Space Week, Engineer’s Week and Maths Week in … Read more

Space Week

In a school far far away, Space Week began. Space Week will run from Oct 4th to 10th and all classes are very busy exploring the planets and galaxies. On Tuesday 9th October, 6th Class had a Skype call from NASA. They learnt all about how NASA have been working on the next missions to … Read more

Happy Engineer’s Week!

This week we are exploring the work of an engineer. We decided to kick off Engineer’s Week with designing and making our own paper airplanes. We talked about airplanes and how we think they fly. We learned that: Airplanes fly because they are able to generate a force called Lift which normally moves the airplane upward. Lift is generated by the forward … Read more

6th Class Climate Action Strike

  On February 13th we decided to strike outside the Dail against Climate Action. We decided to strike against Climate Action because we feel the Government aren’t doing enough about it, and a young teenage activist, Greta Thunberg , inspired us to start doing something about Climate Action. As we are the next generation and we … Read more