Belfast Tour

This year our January tour took us all the way up to Belfast. We left school early to spend the day ‘up North’. The bus was very cool and we got to watch a movie. When we reached Belfast we visited The Titanic Museum, where we had a tour and workshop, W5 and, of course, … Read more


Senior Infants having been working hard at Aistear since September. To date we have explored the themes of; School, The Woodlands and The Vet. Aistear is play based learning where all children work together to develop  their team building and communication skills. Here are some of Patricia’s class hard at work. Under this theme every … Read more

Being Buoyant!!!

On Monday the 26th of November, we were given the task to design and make a boat. This boat had to float (obviously) and hold “passengers” (coins).These boats had to be in on Monday the following week. All the boats brought in on Monday  were one of a kind. Some were made of LEGO, others … Read more

September Studies!

Blog Post by Aimée’s Sixth Class. Rosh Hashanah (By Jessica) In Learn Together, we learned about the Jewish festival Rosh Hashanah. It starts on the 9th of September to the 11th of September. This is a time for Jewish people to reflect on their mistakes and start fresh. The Jewish people pray by the river … Read more