Diwali Celebrations

This week lots of classes were learning all about Diwali. This five-day festival of light began on Thursday, November 4th and has been celebrated in many ways throughout the school. Happy Diwali to all the families in our school community who are celebrating the festival of Diwali. Rangoli Patterns Clay Diyas    Songs  

Why we should go back to school in May- A debate by Katherine in Patricia’s 5th.

Debate|Why we should go back to school in May By Katherine First I will start for the motion. I will be discussing some of the major points, some data I have collected and my own experience.   Education All children have the right to an education and development Many Children are struggling to concentrate and … Read more

Maths Trail with our buddies

This week is Maths Week in school and to celebrate we went on a Maths Trail with our buddies from Deirdre’s Senior Infants. We looked at different shapes we could find both inside and outside the school. Here are some pictures of us with our buddies while we were out and about.  We’re such good … Read more