Active Week 2019

Active Week DPETNS 11th– 16th February Since our return to school on January 7th we have been focusing on different aspects of wellbeing and positive mental health. We are finishing off next week with an emphasis on the benefits of physical exercise on our overall wellbeing. We launched active week with a 10@10 on Friday 8th February. Every morning … Read more

Museum Visits!

  On our school trip for December we went to various different locations. The first exciting place we went to was the National Art Gallery. There we met our lovely tour guide Jennifer. First, we went into a big room with a huge painting that had a dog (Rodney stone) and a portrait of the … Read more

Being Buoyant!!!

On Monday the 26th of November, we were given the task to design and make a boat. This boat had to float (obviously) and hold “passengers” (coins).These boats had to be in on Monday the following week. All the boats brought in on Monday  were one of a kind. Some were made of LEGO, others … Read more

Marathon Kids!

  A massive congratulations to all our 6th Class children (and staff) who completed the final mile of the Marathon Kids programme on Wednesday. The classes began their training 8 weeks ago, increasing their running distances as the weeks went on. They had great fun running in the local community in preparation for the final … Read more

September Studies!

Blog Post by Aimée’s Sixth Class. Rosh Hashanah (By Jessica) In Learn Together, we learned about the Jewish festival Rosh Hashanah. It starts on the 9th of September to the 11th of September. This is a time for Jewish people to reflect on their mistakes and start fresh. The Jewish people pray by the river … Read more

Boys GAA final

Well done to Cormac and the team. Three years in a row winning in Croke Park. Great achievement by all. When we thought we couldn’t be any prouder, we get a write up showing such great sportsmanship displayed by the whole team.